Happy Lesson 8 Understanding Maths - Shape and Measure

Maths is a subject that many people find difficult to engage with. When I start talking to people about Maths it often brings out negative comments relating to their confidence with it. As a teacher I recognise this is because of their early association with Maths; when they learnt processes rather than concepts and never really developed an understanding of the subject. In this blog and Happy Lesson 7 I want to help parents understand better the development behind the number and non number side of Maths (Shape and Measure)

Understanding Maths - Shape and Measure
Young children need to have fun physically investigating Shape and Measure in order to develop their knowledge and understanding. Luckily there are loads of opportunities in the local environment or through games and activities in the home. I have had a think about how you can do this and come up with some suggestions to help you help your child develop these skills.

Names and Properties of 2D shapes
What is a 2D shapes. 2D shape…
Lessons in Life or Life’s lessons?

My Lovely Mum

Hi, if you have been reading my blogs you will know I usually talk about children’s development, but today I thought I would shake it up a bit and share some thoughts on the lessons life teaches us in general.
My desire to exchange knowledge, understanding and perspective with other people runs very deep in me. When life, or in my case chronic ill health, stops you doing something that you love, you initially feel its outstretched hand all over your life. It is pervasive; it feels like it is trying to get into your very soul and to redefine you. However I have always been up for a good fight, (though maybe more now in the mental rather than physical sense :-) ) and so I am just reinventing myself, finding new and exciting interests and am really enjoying blogging.
Strangely enough there is also a very positive side when life challenges you. All of a sudden you stop sweating the small stuff, you see your priorities so much more clearly and y…
Maths is Magic, Let's Make it Easy! - Happy Lesson 7
"I was never any good at Maths!"

As a teacher I have often heard parents say "I was never any good at Maths!" and the question is why this subject more than any other bought this response?

At school young children love to play around with hands on maths activities and these experiences are vitally important to enable them to really understanding basic mathematical concepts. The reason so many people feel insecure about maths is that they did not have enough of these opportunities and instead just learnt to follow a process. If you understand a concept rather than just follow them by rote you are able to apply this understanding to a variety of settings, however if you learnt it as a process, then you may become easily confused if it is not in a familiar format.

Why is Maths Play so Important?

Every subject has a developmental process but probably none more so than Maths. If the early concepts are not completel…
Happy Lessons 6  Developing Literacy Skills

Hi I can't believe I am up to blog number 6 and have had 1869 views so far, which I hope means people are finding it useful.

If you are new to my blogs you might not know that up until 6 months ago I was a fun and I like to believe effective full time Primary Teacher and Key Stage 1 Leader but due to chronic ill health  I could no longer follow my passion. I felt I had lost an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge and exchange ideas,but then I realised there are lots of different learning platforms and lots of different life lessons to be shared and so this blog was born

Over 20 years of teaching I have learnt a very important thing about children and that is the only predictable thing about children is that they are unpredictable. Just like all children do not learn to walk on the same day, neither do they all read, write nor tie their own shoelaces. Each child is unique and will run to their own specific timetable. Our job as teachers…


Finland is not a country most of us know much about, but maybe we should? It continually reaches the top of surveys measuring personal happiness, success and quality of life. More significantly it also reaches the top place for successful and happy children and operates the most successful and progressive education system in the world. I believe these facts are closely related and that our children are the roots of any society and need to be given the room to grow, socially and academically. Finland have got it right and are enjoying reaping the rewards of their child centered approach. Take a few minutes to watch this video and see what you think?
In the UK today we sadly read of increasing mental health problems in our young people and regrettably I believe our educational system is partly to blame. We put far too much pressure on very young children before they have developed the skills or resilience to …



Hi All I hope you have been enjoying reading these blogs as much as I have writing them! The opportunity to still be involved in education despite not being able to be in the classroom is really rewarding and to put 20 years’ worth of experience into words is proving both challenging and interesting. So this week I am going to tackle developing creativity in young children.
Developing Creativity By its very nature Creativity is not something that can be taught in isolation or even easily defined. In essence it is about "thinking outside the box" and problem solving, combined with being able to explore and express your ideas and feelings through a wide variety of media. The earlier children become creative thinkers the better, as the most successful people in any activity use these skills to resolve the obstacles in their way.
Creative Play When helping your children develop creative skills i…