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Practical Educational and Life Advice for Parents of Young Children 

The idea for this blog started while I was sitting chilling in the dappled sunshine of my garden. As the idea came into my mind I began to smile and I knew I had to grasp the opportunity. The reason why it brought a smile to my face was hope! Up until 6 months ago I was a fun and I like to believe effective full time Primary Teacher and Key Stage 1 Leader, but sadly due to chronic ill health I could no longer follow my passion. I felt I had lost an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge and exchange ideas, but then I realised there are lots of different learning platforms and lots of different life lessons to be shared.

I hope through this blog I can give parents a personal toolbox to help their young children reach their full potential and be happy individuals. This blog will over time review 6 areas vital for early child development both academically and emotionally (EQ): 

  • Personal and Social Development (EQ)
  • Creative Development (EQ)
  • Literacy Skills
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical development

If in their early years your children master these 
building blocks of knowledge, be it academically or socially, 
they will have the tools to become lifelong learners, which is one of the key factors in a successful and happy life.  

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence is all about how we feel about ourselves (Intrapersonal) and relate to other people (Interpersonal). Intrapersonal skills are those such as, self-esteem, confidence and problem solving, where interpersonal skills would include social and communication skills.

Of all the intelligences we have, EQ is probably the most important and sometimes the least recognised by parents. How we feel about ourselves and how we react to other people around us will always determine our personal happiness and achievement. As a teacher you often see children who are not achieving academically or socially, not because of a low IQ but because of their fear of failure, low self-esteem and poor social skills; in other words a low EQ. These are the first building blocks that you and your child need to develop together. These are the strong foundations on which everything else will be built.

Next Blog - Developing Self Esteem

Take Care, Rebecca

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